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Black Indigenous “American” Woman

Fourth generation professional artist and alchemist…

…translating ethereal matter into creations and languages of dance/movement, poetic writing, photography content & collaborating, and any other language creations my soul is called to channel and express deep beauty, love, inner power, vibrancy and cosmic, earthly & soul remembering/connecting.


Makeda Lily Love Roney (she/her/hers) is a fourth generation artist based in unseated Lenape Nation land know as Harlem, New York.


Living in this physical experience as a life, body, and energy alchemist, creative visionary, professional dance artist, and Body Alignment/Pilates coach. Makeda came out of the womb feeling most at home expressing herself through the language of dance/movement and music. Impassioned by this expression and eager to learn many different techniques and “dialects” of movement language, she attended schools and trainee programs including; Dance Theatre of Harlem under the original directorship of Arthur Mitchell, Walnut Hill School of the Arts, The School of Steps, The Ailey School, Joffrey Ballet Chicago, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and Lines Ballet.


As a professional dance artist, Makeda worked with dance companies including BalletNext, Nimbus Dance Works and nia love | Blacksmith’s Daughter.


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